Why should I choose Guitar Lessons Columbus?
  • Personalized lesson plans that focus directly on your musical interests, goals, and challenges, so you are constantly inspired and motivated, which will allow you to progress faster in a shorter amount of time!
  • Additional hands-on support in between each lesson so that you never feel left in the dark!
  • Learn to figure out your favorite songs and play by ear!
  • Learn to write, perform, or record your own songs so that you can get the real fulfillment you’ve always wanted out of playing music!
  • Jam with other guitar players, as well as bassists and drummers!
  • Learn how to improvise so that you can have the skills and confidence you need in order to jam with other people at any time!
  • Recordings of your own playing to help track your progress!
  • All levels taught, from beginner to professional musician!
  • Learn to build the confidence you need to play in front of other people, so you can become a fully capable musician!
  • Have the opportunity to perform at jam sessions and live concerts with other students!
Who is Guitar Lessons Columbus?

Guitar Lessons Columbus was founded by Central Ohio native, guitarist Dru Silver. In addition to being a guitarist of 13 years, Dru is a professional musician and guitar teacher in Columbus, Ohio.

His band Locusta has been featured locally at Comfest, the Newport Music Hall, and publications such as the Alive! and Other Papers. The band’s self-released debut album has been featured in worldwide media outlets such as Metal Maniacs, Decibel Magazine, and Terrorizer, as well as many others.

Dru has toured the United States nationally with the band 5 times and is currently planning a European tour.

Do you teach all levels?


  • We teach all levels of guitar students, from beginner to professional musician!
  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

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