Are you one of those people who have been playing guitar for quite some time, but still feel that you are not making good progress?

Are you able to identify the areas that are holding you back in your guitar playing, but you are not sure how to overcome them?

Are you facing frustrations as a result of your inability to turn your passion for music into better playing skills?

Just imagine how great it will feel to finally become the great guitar player that you’ve been dreaming of.

The easiest and fastest way to improve your guitar playing is learning to recognize the problematic areas of your playing and then strategically approaching them. When you are able to figure out all the elements that make up the physical or musical difficulty, we will help you figure out how to overcome it. The best way to develop confidence and comfort with the guitar is to get a teacher who will help you to understand the key challenges that you face and how to solve them. This will lead to real improvement.

Some things to expect from our lessons:

  • Personalized advanced guitar lessons focused on your musical goals.
  • An end to the guess work on what to work on next. We will give you the necessary guidance to achieve excellent results.
  • You will get weekly feedback on your playing, enabling you to make any necessary corrections before they become serious problems. This will also reinforce the good habits of your playing, improving your confidence.

Guitar Lessons Columbus will provide:

  • Instant feedback relating to what you are doing right AND wrong.Columbus advanced Guitar Lesson
  • Advanced guitar lessons tailored around your main goals and musical preferences.
  • An online forum that will enable you to connect with the Guitar Lessons Columbus community to get more support and guidance.
  • More than just a Guitar Teacher: You will get a teacher, trainer, coach, and mentor.

If you seriously want to improve your guitar skills and avoid the frustrations of being just an average guitarist, call us at 614-427-3187 or  click here to schedule your first advanced guitar lesson at Guitar Lessons Columbus absolutely FREE!

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