Best Guitar Teacher in Columbus!

My seven-year-old has been taking guitar lessons from Dru for over a year and loves it! He has numerous songs that he chose himself. He enjoys both coming to lessons & practicing with the CD we were sent home with. Dru has a great rapport with kids and makes sure that he isn’t going to fast or overwhelming them with too much information. My son will be taking lessons here for a long time!

Tina Kistner
Mom to Nate Kistner, age 7

I’ve loved music for a long time (I’m 49) and finally decided to learn the guitar. What impressed me about Dru was that he took an hour with me on the phone prior to my first lesson and asked me about my music tastes and aspirations. I’ve been taking lessons for a month and I’m having a blast. Dru makes it fun to learn. He emphasizes proper theory and technique. I definitely would suggest Dru as a guitar teacher.

David S

Guitar Student

My progress before taking lessons was pretty non-existent. . . it was just frustrating. I feel like I get a lot from the lessons, things just mesh together well and end up leading me where I want to go.

Brandon Mintern

Guitarist & Student

The lessons I’ve taken from Dru are the BEST lessons I’ve taken…I plan on him being my one and only guitar teacher for as long as I play guitar. . .

Dru has done a great job of helping me to figure out how I should spend my practice time to get more out of it. One of the things that I enjoy about the lessons is that Dru is a very flexible teacher, he always comes with some sort of agenda or lesson plan, but I’m probably one of his more mature students and I have my own agenda, I’m in a band, there’s specific things I want to work on, and he’s been very flexible and adaptable. We will spend time working on whatever it is that has been bothering me…He tailors the lessons to my needs.
…his technique is amazing, as a guitar player, he came in, blew me away, I knew for a fact that there was a lot I could learn from him, but again, I’ve known many players over the years who have phenomenal technique, but they didn’t have the ability to communicate with somebody else and to teach. Teaching is a completely separate skill from playing the guitar…I’ve (also) found him to be punctual, reliable, patient, kind, prepared…I got to know him, and found him to be very trustworthy, I got to be very comfortable, and just found him to be really a great resource and someone that I’ve eventually come to call a friend. I’m proud to know him over the time I’ve gotten to know him, and I’ve seen him grow as a teacher as I’ve grown as a student. He seems to be committed to his own journey with this instrument too, not just stopping his own learning process…It’s neat for me as a student to realize that, he’s a student too, we’re all students of this instrument, it’s a lifelong process to learn to play the guitar. Its cool to feel like its something we’re all in together, and his enthusiasm for it, and for any style of music…I plan on him being my one and one and only guitar teacher for as long as I play guitar.

Mike Leibrand
Guitarist of 25 years

These lessons have given me an exact goal…I’m progressing a lot quicker than when I was playing by myself. I wasn’t challenging myself before I started .

As opposed to when I’ve taken lessons at other places, there is a much more intense focus on the student and what they want to learn…nothing I’ve learned is something that I haven’t used. I’m progressing a lot quicker than when I was playing by myself, even if I’m not realizing it! I’ve also found out that I have a lot more potential than I originally thought!

Allen Cox
Guitarist & Student

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